Debra Bradley-Cullom

2900 W. 131st Street, Leawood, KS 66209 (816)718-4323


  • Education Specialist, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Learning Systems Design and Development

  • Master of Arts, University of Missouri-Kansas City
    Curriculum and Instruction-Educational Technology

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Elementary Education

Professional Experience

  • United States Treasury (Internal Revenue Service),
    Remittance Perfection Technician
    • Charged with accountability for accounting, budgeting, auditing, and financial management to support fiscal operation.
    • Examine accounts to verify accuracy of accounts and adequacy of supporting data.
    • Prepare worksheets and reports to document examinations, discrepancies, and corrective entries required for adjusting accounts.
  • Blue Valley School District
    Board Advisory Committee Member
    • Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Committee
    • Suggest topics of study concerning curriculum, instruction and educational programs to the Blue Valley Board of Education and administration.
    • Participate in formal studies about curriculum, instruction and educational programs as assigned by the Blue Valley Board of Education and administration.
    • Explore Blue Valley curriculum, instruction, and educational programs.
    • Raise questions about curriculum, instruction, and educational programs that are being asked by Blue Valley patrons and staff.
    • Share with community information that is learned about Blue Valley curriculum, instruction, and educational programs.

      Technology Advisory Committee
    • Explore technology implementations in Blue Valley.
    • Discuss perceived needs of the technology program.
    • Provide feedback on major technology purchases, including the learning management and student information systems.
    • Provide feedback that assists staff and the Board of Education with technology decision making.

  • Allen Village School, Kansas City, MO
    Educational Technologist and Classroom Teacher
    • Assess learning and program optimals of the technology program.
    • Design and implement innovative technology programs.
    • Design, develop, and implement applied leaning lessons to support learning across the curriculum.
    • Conduct needs assessments to identify learning goals and objectives necessary to meet state technology standards.
    • Design and deliver technology application instruction.
    • Create standard and multimedia materials to disseminate required information..
    • Produce learning modules and assessment using the Blackboard Learning Management System.
    • Develop traditional and project-based assessments to evaluate learning.
    • Facilitate the training of staff on the use of various technology devices.
    • Facilitate the training of staff on the use of software and the learning management systems.
    • Analyze budget to direct purchase of computers, software, and peripheral devices.
    • Develop and maintain a software library.
    • Install computers and peripherals.
    • Troubleshoot and repair minor hardware problems.
    • Collaborate with teachers in the development of multimedia projects to enhance learning.

  • Blue Valley School District
    Guest Teacher and Special Education Paraprofessional
  • This position included a long-term assignment as a lead teacher in the LIFT program.
    • Assess the academic and social needs of individual students.
    • Develop discrete trial training (DTT) instruction for each student.
    • Analyze data to identify changes necessary for effective learning.
    • Identify, design and/or obtain learning materials necessary for instruction.
    • Train paraprofessional staff on implementing DTT instruction.
    • Facilitate meetings with parents, professional support staff, and administrators to review individual and write individual education programs for each student.

    Prior Experience

    Educational Technologist and Classroom Teacher | E. F. Swinney Elementary School (Kansas City Public Schools)

    Special Education Paraprofessional | Graden Elementary School (Park Hill School District)


  • Teaching Credentials
    • Kansas Elementary Education License
    • Missouri Elementary Education License
    • Missouri Special Education (Initial PC)
    • Early Childhood Education (Initial PC)
    • Library and Media Specialist (Pending Initial PC)
    • Family and Consumer Science (Initial PC)
    • Assistive Technology (Certificate)

  • Professional Development
    • Metropolitan Instructional Leadership Program
    • National Association for Interpretation
    • National Educational Computing Conferences
    • School Attuned
    • California State University, Northridge - Center on Disability Training
    • Effective Online Tutoring, Oxford University, UK

  • Community Service
    • Wayside Waifs
    • Girl Scouts of America