Program of Study

Learning Systems Design and Development program designed by the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies requires participation in core, design, and development aspects of instructional design. Core courses provide the development of best practices, the strong foundation, necessary for the creation of effective educational and training programs. The design and development build on this foundation, by promoting skills in planning and producing instructional design systems.

Best Practices

Course Name Professor Term Grade
Formative/Summative Evaluation Dr. Julie A Caplow Spring 2015 A
Learning and Task Analysis Dr. Sean Goggins Spring 2015 A
Project Management Dr. Aimee Klimczak Fall 2015 A
Needs Assessment Dr. Holly R. Henry Fall 2015 A


Course Name Professor Term Grade
Instructional Systems Design Dr. Jane Howland Spring 2016 A
Designing Online Learning Dr. Rose M. Marra Spring 2016 A
Diffusion of Educational Innovations Dr. Thitinun Boonseng Summer 2016 A


Course Name Professor Term Grade
Introduction to Digital Media Dr. Sarah Buchanan Fall 2016 A
Rapid Development Tools Dr. David H. Reid Fall 2016 A
Intermediate Web Development Dr. Fatih Demir Spring 2017 A