Competencies developed in this program are acquired through the core courses; which cultivated best practices, design courses, and development courses. Courses listed are linked to specific competencies. Many skills I developed were applied in other courses, such as Rapid Development Tools for Learning and Designing Online Learning, giving greater meaning to MU's comprehensive program of study in Learning Systems Design and Development.

Learn best practices for needs assessments, task analysis, and course design and development.

The skills I acquired in the core courses of this program are used to promote the design of learning systems that are relevant to the students' learning programs or in a workplace setting. These courses provided a strong foundation in the best practices of instructional systems design. Core courses include Formative and Summative Evaluations, Learning and Task Analysis, Project Management, and Needs Assessments for Learning and Performance.

Learning and Task Analysis

Needs Assessment for Learning and Performance

Designing learning environments.

Effective and efficient learning and training environments are the goals for any learning and workplace environment. These courses taught me how to use best practices to design environments that are conducive to learning in both physical and virtual learning environments.

Instructional Systems Design

Designing Online Learning

Developing learning system applications.

All learning systems requires the design of curriculum material that reinforce and enhance the learning. Competencies I gained from the courses focused on the application of knowledge to organize and create quality training and education media using technology.

Rapid Development Tools for Online Learning

Intermediate Web Development

Improve workplace performance.

Competencies learned in the core course, especially task analysis and needs assessments are applied to new skills to improve workplace performance. Digital media allows us to use different modalities of communication to convey expectations to learners and workers.

Introduction to Digital Media

Understand usability, user experience, new technology, and communication.

How do you get teacher and workers to buy-in to the use of new technology? This competency taught me how to use communication, in additions to skills acquired in core courses, to touch upon the experience of users and to discovers ways to promote their use of innovative technology used in schools and workplaces.

Diffusion of Educational Innovations