Debra Bradley-Cullom
University of Missouri
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies
Introduction to Digital Media

Digital Imaging

Hardware: MacBook Pro with Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Photos were provided for creating the banner and the icon for this project.

Part One

Part One of the Digital Imaging project involved working with images to create a banner and an icon from images provided. We selected a background image and two images to use in the foreground. The assignment required masking of both foreground images overlap and that they overlap. Another requirement was to use the gradient tool on one of the foreground images to create a transparency. Text was required and the final banner had to measure 1000 by 400 pixels. The icon was created using a portion of the banner. It had to measure 100 by 100 pixels, could only be 3 distinct colors and saved as a .gif or .png.

Final Banner...

Final Icon...

Part Two

Part Two of the Digital Imaging assignment involved working with images that were self-generated and uploaded to the computer. The final image had to demonstrate the use of four techniques. In addition to cropping, masking and adding text, the spot healing brush and the content aware move tools were used to create the final image. The original image, the image as it was being created, and the final image can be seen below.

Duck, Duck, Goose


Duck Duck Goose Original

Changes to the original...

Duck Duck Goose Process

Final-Before Peer Feedback...

Duck Duck Goose Before Review

Final-After Peer Feedback...

Duck Duck Goose Final