Debra Bradley-Cullom
University of Missouri
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies
Introduction to Digital Media

Digital Audio

Hardware: Macbook Pro, OS version 10.7.4, iPhone and iPhone Earbud with Microphone

Software: Audacity and Lame

This project was designed to use with a United States history course. The audio file will be used in a unit focusing on the executive branch of the federal government which will include topics of elections, votes, and the electoral college. The process to complete the audio project required downloading Audacity and Lame software. After searching Creative Commons for "Hail to the Chief," the music was recorded on one of the mono channels. I wrote a script and recorded the voice on a second mono channel. Some steps used to achieve the final product included, removing silent pauses, removing music beyond the voice track. The project required fading out the music and adding sound effect. The 2 mono channels were then merged to produce a stereo track. The file was saved using a MP3 format.

Click HERE to download Quicktime Media Player.